What is a visual novel?

It's part game/part novel. Some are more text based, and most have gameplay or choice features in the midst of the story. As they originated in Japan, many still hold to Japanese-like design ideals, although creators can be a different as they like with the style of their game.


Why create faith based visual novels?

We enjoy the platform, and the God-given talent to create.
People create Christian movies, Christian books, Christian music and Christian games. Why not spread the message to a new medium? Since there is a major ‘novel’ element with visual novels, Christian authors can explore this platform as another way to get their writing read.


How can I get involved?

If you have a novel that you would like see converted into a visual novel, then contact us. Be aware that it takes a lot of time and effort coding and creating art for the piece, so converting an idea or manuscript to a visual novel format will either take a lot of learning, or an expenditure of money on design implementation. If you have the time or resources however, it can be a very rewarding medium.